Stand with Team USA Athletes

We applaud the Team USA Athletes who are demanding the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (“USOPC”) stop promoting unhealthy products—including cow’s milk—to athletes and the public.

One of the USOPC’s greatest missions is to “protect and promote its athletes’ wellbeing.” Time and time again, the USOPC has failed in that mission.

For years, the USOPC has heavily promoted cow’s milk—a harmful substance that jeopardizes its athletes’ wellbeing. The organization commandeers its athletes’ inspiring stories and images to peddle cow’s milk to the public— including highly impressionable children who look up to Team USA athletes.

As an organization that was created to protect and promote its athletes’ wellbeing, the USOPC promotion of cow’s milk is unacceptable. Several Team USA athletes have expressed concern over this promotion to the USOPC, but their pleas have been dismissed without any serious consideration.

Support the vitality and wellbeing of Team USA and hold the USOPC accountable to its stated mission by emailing the USOPC to express your concern over its promotion of cow’s milk. A pre-written email has been created for you, just input your information and your voice will be heard.

To view our press release, click here

To read the athletes’ letter to the USOPC, click here.

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