Board of Directors

Danielle Lowy (President)

Danielle Lowy currently lives in New Zealand, where she founded Moove Studio, teaching yoga and the Gyrotonic Method. Her professional background includes 8 years practicing law in California as a District Attorney where she handled countless animal cruelty cases. An animal advocate and committed ethical vegan, Danielle has been involved in the animal rights world for many years working or volunteering in various capacities. Danielle has served on several non-profit boards, and is honored to sit as President of the Board for S4G, a cause she believes in whole heartedly.

Why I Support Switch4Good: I support S4G because their mission aligns with my personal ethics, and believe their approach to activism is effective and impactful. S4G is about making real change for the animals, the planet and people’s health – rather than the all to common self aggrandizing activism that we see in the animal rights world.

Kathy Freston

Kathy is a wellness activist, advocate for all animals, and a writer with a focus on healthy eating and conscious living. She is the author of eight books, four of them New York Times bestsellers; her works include The Lean, Veganist, and Clean Protein. A media favorite, Kathy has appeared frequently on national television including Ellen, Dr. Oz, Good Morning America, Extra and Oprah, and she has authored multiple articles for Huffpost. Her advocacy for a move toward a plant-based diet spans concern for human health as well as animal and environmental welfare.

Why I Support Switch4Good: I support S4G because who doesn’t want to look and feel like a kick-ass athlete?! Getting off of dairy is such a powerful move, and there’s no better messenger to deliver the facts and inspiration than this team!

Kristin Aakvik

Kristin Aakvik is an advocate residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is currently the People Operations Specialist of Clara Foods, a startup working on animal-free proteins, and has volunteered with various environmental and animal rights organizations. Kristin is passionate about combining animal advocacy with advanced technology to create healthy, cruelty-free and sustainable foods. She is a champion for diversity and inclusion and strives to see more LGBTQ, POC, and “womxn-identified” people in leadership and workforces. Kristin is thrilled to work alongside an extraordinary team of athletes and activists on a mission for a new dairy-free world.

Why I Support Switch4Good: I support S4G because its mission is closely aligned with my dream of a better world for animals, the planet, and global health. Part of that is focusing on eliminating dairy-products, advocating for the great alternatives we already have out there, and supporting the new food technologies that are being developed to take animals out of the food system-equation.


Executive Director

Dotsie Bausch

[email protected]

Dotsie Bausch is an Olympic silver medalist, activist, speaker, and nonprofit founder. After recovering from a life-threatening eating disorder, she found her love and talent for cycling, which led to a 14-year professional career concluding with a silver medal at the 2012 Olympics. She stars in the 2018 film “The Game Changers,” is featured in the Netflix documentary “Personal Gold,” and gave a TEDx Talk. She currently serves as the Executive Director of Switch4Good, a health and performance focused nonprofit that encourages all to Live Better. Do More. Dairy-Free.

Why I Support Switch4Good: Switch4Good is revolutionizing the way people think about nutrition for athletes and everyday active folk. The long standing, dairy industry perpetuated belief that we need cow’s milk for strength, vitality and recovery is outdated and fueled only by the folks who stand to profit off of this belief. Switch4Good is here to tell the truth and embolden folks to take control of their health by eliminating all dairy from their diet.

Favorite dairy-free food: Miyoko’s Smoked English Farmhouse cheese with jam

How she stays active: Mountain biking in the Laguna wilderness park or power walking my 2 Chihuahuas

Senior Director of Operations

Manon Bayard

[email protected]

Manon graduated with a degree in Journalism and minored in Fine Arts. After college, she went on to become a certified professional coach and additionally earned certificates in emotional intelligence and plant-based nutrition. Spending the better part of a decade at an organization that implemented a self-managed structure, she’s now bringing her expertise in personnel and culture to the organization she most believes in. A vegan and a mother, Manon now wants to focus her professional energies on fighting for the rights of mama cows everywhere to retain the natural rights that she enjoys every day: a life spent alongside and caring for her baby.

Why I support Switch4Good:
This organization is capable of literally changing the world as we know it. With messaging that reaches people where they are and at the perfect intersection of science, inspiration, and ethics, ditching dairy is the gateway to the kind of world all its inhabitants deserve. 

Favorite dairy-free food: Homemade “parmesan” cheese. I sprinkle it on everything from kale salad to popcorn—we call this “magic dust” in our house. Just a simple blend of ground-up raw cashews, nutritional yeast, garlic powder, and salt. Perfection!

How I stay active: Chasing a highly-energetic vegan three-year-old around and going on family bike rides.

Program and Operations Manager

Molly Arenson

[email protected]

Molly graduated from the University of Michigan in 2014. Shortly after graduating she started fostering for a local animal shelter and began to make the connection between her values and the food that was on her plate. This realization blossomed into a passion for helping others recognize the beauty and freedom that comes with a plant-based and dairy-free lifestyle. She joined Switch4Good as the Program Manager in 2018 and has loved every minute. Originally from New York City, she now calls sunny San Diego her home with her husband and their dog and two cats. She is pursuing an MBA with a specialization in Social Impact at UCLA and plans to apply this higher education to helping people change their minds and hearts.

Why I support Switch4Good: I support Switch4Good because the organization is trying to help people from all walks of life better themselves by leaving dairy off their plates. We are not only arming people with the scientific research and the anecdotal stories of how going dairy-free can benefit so many aspects of a person’s life, but we are also providing them with the tools of how to make this effective change and allowing them to share their stories with others.

Favorite dairy-free food: Hippeas Cheddar Flavor.

How she stays active: Boxing. It is a great high-intensity workout, keeps my mind sharp learning new techniques and skills and requires attention to every little detail.

Finance and Impact Analytics

Kirk Illya

Kirk is a seasoned professional with a rich background in Sales, Operations, Finance, and Data Analytics. He works closely with the executive team at Switch4Good to streamline processes, build strategies, and provide data insights to drive business decisions. Kirk is passionate about learning and bringing data to life.

Why I support Switch4Good: Because it’s ‘all good’…I believe the information S4G provides will continue to open eyes and help our society to make ‘good’ choices to help our planet, our health, and our animals.

Favorite dairy-free food: hummus or guacamole

How he stays active: Cycling is my go-to, but I enjoy evening walks with the family (wife + dogs).

Development Director

Warren Egersheim

[email protected]

Warren graduated from Suffolk University with a Master’s in Public Administration. Since then, he’s been a fundraiser for a number of different international nonprofits, including extensively within the animal rights world. He even spent a year living on an animal sanctuary in Southern California tending to cows, chickens, and goats. These days, you’ll find him exploring the mountains of Vermont when he’s not at work. Always passionate about dismantling the systems that allow for animal abuse, Switch4Good is the perfect home for him to help change hearts, minds, and power structures to benefit the planet.

Why I support Switch4Good:

Because the planet needs a change. Dairy is taking an incredible toll on human health, the environment, and the animals forced through the factory farming system. Plant-based lifestyles are healthier for you and the planet, and I’m proud to support an organization that is making lasting change.

Favorite dairy-free food: Any flavor of cashew-based ice cream.

How I stay active: Camping! (the real kind, not the kind where you pitch a tent 10 feet from your car).

Content Manager

Tanya Flink

[email protected]

Tanya attended Emerson College as a Theater and Political Communications double major with the goal of directing the next great Broadway musical—or becoming President if that dream failed. After a few years working in regional politics, she made a hard pivot and dove into a career in plant-based media. She served as the Senior Editor of North America for LIVEKINDLY before accepting her current role at Switch4Good. She has written for Organic Authority, EcoSalon, and HappyCow, co-wrote a children’s book, and also works as a Digital Editor at VegNews. When not writing, she enjoys running, bouncing on her trampoline, and traversing Southern California for the best dairy-free eats.

Why I support Switch4Good: Due to clever marketing and strong lobbyist efforts, many people are unaware of the detrimental factors associated with the dairy industry. I was one of those people up until 7 years ago. Switch4Good is effectively shedding light on the physical, environmental, and ethical issues of dairy, and I am proud to support this intelligent and much needed cause.

Favorite dairy-free food: Almond milk latte

How she stays active: Running

Growth Strategist

Anand Jobanputra

Anand is the founder and head of growth at VidGrowth—a social media and video marketing agency based in Silicon Valley. Even though he was born in California, he moved to India with his parents when he was three years old. He got to experience a whole different culture growing up and as a result, he can speak five languages.
His background as a marketer started in corporate America, working for one biggest tech companies in Silicon Valley. He ultimately started his own agency, because he has a huge passion for building brands from scratch using social media. Even though he has worked with some big brands, his ultimate mission is to help entrepreneurs have a huge impact in this world.
Marketing and Communications Director

Antony Sloan

[email protected]

When he realized his new wave rock band wasn’t going to make it, Tony did what any working-class kid from Northern England would do, he went to work down a coal mine. When he got bored with that, he went to the University of Hull to read American Studies. Then grad school in Bowling Green, Ohio. Then he stumbled into advertising and spent 20 years applying a simple marketing mantra for various technology-forward companies—”Educate the unfamiliar. Reassure the wary. Inspire the progressive.” Turns out that’s a pretty good fit for what we’re doing at Switch4Good.      

Why I support Switch4Good: I’ve wanted to go vegan for years to better align with my partner’s long-term vegan ethics and lifestyle. The prospect of forgoing cheese was what mainly held me back, so what better first step than to go dairy-free? Also, in my consulting work for MedTech firms, I’ve come to appreciate the seriousness of inflammation as an underlying cause of so many health problems—including numerous chronic diseases. Now that I understand how dairy is implicated in the inflammation problem, I want to do something about it. I want to help Switch4Good help people ditch dairy.     

Favorite dairy-free food: Oatly oat milk

How he stays active: Long walks, balance exercises, and weight-bearing yoga stretches—plus the occasional game of football (aka soccer in certain ‘unenlightened’ regions of the world). 

General Counsel

Leslie Rudloff

[email protected] 

Leslie spent a decade working as Director of Legal Affairs for Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a nationwide organization of physicians and laypersons that promotes preventive medicine, especially good nutrition, and addresses controversies in modern medicine, including ethical issues in medical research. As Director of Legal Affairs, Leslie directed the Physicians Committee’s advocacy litigation, challenging industry and government when they encourage the consumption of animal products. Her advocacy also included promoting human relevant alternatives to the use of animals in medical research and education.

Ms. Rudloff received a Bachelor of Science in paralegal studies from Mississippi College. She received her law degree from Western Michigan University and her LL.M., with honors, in Intellectual Property Law from The John Marshall Law School. Ms. Rudloff is a member of the Texas, Kentucky, Illinois, and Tennessee bars and has been admitted to the United States District Court for the Western District of Kentucky. She was involved in the formation of both the Tennessee Bar Association’s and Kentucky Bar Association’s Animal Law Sections and served as Standing Committee Director for the Kentucky Bar Association Animal Law Section from 2014-2016. She served as Vice-Chair of Membership of the American Bar Association’s Animal Law Committee from 2016-2018. She founded and chaired the American Bar Association’s Animals in Science and Technology subcommittee from 2015-2019. In 2017, she was nominated for the American Bar Association’s Excellence in Animal Law Award. She presents at animal law seminars and legal conferences around the nation including Harvard Law School’s Animal Welfare Act at 50 Conference. She also authored Failure to Launch: The Lack of Implementation and Enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act, 66 Syr. L. Rev. 173 (2017) as a part of Syracuse Law Review’s Symposium on Animal Law. Her article was featured on the Animal Legal and Historical Center website. She was nominated as a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation in 2019 for demonstrating outstanding dedication to the highest principles of the legal profession and to the welfare of their communities. She was a contributing author for the book What Can Animal Law Learn from Environmental Law? by Randall Abate released July 2020.

Why I support Switch4Good: I am inspired by the quality of life and life goals you can achieve by going dairy-free. I decided to go dairy-free in 2009 and I’ve never looked back.

Favorite dairy-free food: Oat milk ice cream

How she stays active: Paddleboarding, hiking, barre, spinning

Predictive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Parag Salve

Parag is an Engineer by profession and an entrepreneur by heart. An Ex-Googler with a Masters from the University of Southern California, he is the co-founder of SalveSoft – an engineering company. After having worked for various companies in the USA, he eventually started up on his own with SalveSoft in 2014 to work with various companies in the USA and Australia. He believes socialist entrepreneurship has huge powers to serve mankind.

Why I support Switch4Good – Global warming will eventually hit humanity. We can slow it down by giving up fossil fuels and animal agriculture. I believe Switch4Good can bring about that change much needed for humanity.

Favorite non-dairy food: Potato parathas

How he stays active – He represented state and university cricket teams in India and continues playing cricket whenever possible, but now chasing two energetic kids (ages 2 and 6) keeps him most active.

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