Soccer Star Kara Lang Romero Launches Dairy-Free E-Book

Dec 22, 2018

Need more healthful, athlete-worthy recipes in your dairy-free arsenal? Kara Lang Romero has you covered. Kara is a former professional soccer player and current plant-based nutrition and lifestyle coach, practicing under her brand, KLR WellnessWorks. She recently released her first recipe e-book, and it is filled with 10 simple yet satisfying dairy-free recipes that will fuel your training or just a busy day. We sat down with Kara to learn more about this latest plant-based project and her holistic approach to nutrition and lifestyle.

Like many in the health and wellness field, Kara did not begin her career as a nutritionist. She launched onto the professional soccer scene at just 15 years old, joining the Canadian National Team in 2002 – the youngest woman to do so. She continued to play in multiple FIFA World Cups and the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and in 2015, she was inducted into the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame. Yet during her years as a professional athlete, nutrition was always on her mind. “I was constantly looking for ways to improve my performance as a soccer player,” she said, “and now as a mom, I love having the tools and knowledge to provide my family with healthy meal options. Nutrition was a very natural progression from a professional athlete for me.”

After nearly a decade of fueling her body with a dairy-free, plant-based diet, Kara knew what foods made her, and others, feel their best. Her passion for nutrition has turned into both a hobby and an occupation, and she is enthusiastic to help others discover this vibrant and freeing way of eating. “I want to make plant-based eating as easy and accessible as possible!” she exclaimed.

The e-book reflects Kara’s food philosophy and includes many of the meals she gravitates toward on a daily basis. Think colorful smoothie bowls, salads, and big Buddha bowls. She also included an Apple Cinnamon Overnight Oats recipe, claiming it’s “a huge hit in our house and so easy to take on the go.” And that’s another defining characteristic of Kara’s style – as a working mom, she doesn’t often fuss with complicated recipes. These are simple, quick meals with minimal ingredients that anyone can master. Even the Wild Blueberry French Toast, which might seem elaborate, is “really quite simple,” assured Kara.

For those who still claim they have absolutely no time to cook, Kara shared some advice: “Plan your meals ahead. Shop and meal prep as much as you can on the weekends, and make recipes that work for both dinner and lunch, so you have leftovers handy throughout the week.” She also recommends a Vitamix as her favorite kitchen gadget. “From making smoothies and smoothie bowls to soups and even using it for baking – it runs multiple times a day in our house,” she explained.

While all the recipes are vegan, this e-book is not just for vegans. Kara hopes to target those who are simply curious about the dairy-free diet or those looking to try out a few plant-based meals in their weekly rotation. But really, with recipes like Chocolate Cauliflower Shake and Blueberry Crumble, anyone will love this new recipe resource.

After you’ve scrolled through and made a few recipes, keep up with Kara during her 30-day plant-based reset challenge. Starting on January 7, she’s beginning a program that includes recipes, detailed shopping lists, personal support, and more. Learn more about the program and Kara by visiting her website.

Download Kara’s free plant-based recipe e-book.

Image Credit: Kara Lang Romero

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