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Robbie Balenger is Running Across America!

Mar 6, 2019

Watch Episode 12 with Robbie Balenger here:

You’ve heard all the myths surrounding plant-based diets: it’s not sustainable as an athlete, or easy when you travel, or fun if you’re a foodie.

Robbie Balenger is about to bust all of those myths in one 3,000-mile run across the United States.

He first laced up his shoes six years ago to alleviate his stress as a restaurant manager. Since then, his career and running paths have coalesced into a passion for endurance athleticism powered by plants — and vegan ice cream.

Robbie joins us to chat about his journey to plant-based wellness, how he plans to fuel his body over the seventy-five-day excursion, and how he hopes to inspire other people to thrive while eating ethically.

He hits the pavement March 15th in Huntington Beach, sponsored by Switch4Good and NadaMoo!

Listen to Episode 12 with Robbie Balenger here:

What we discuss in this episode:

  • How Robbie turned to running to deal with stress
  • Robbie’s journey to a plant-based diet with an ethical focus
  • The motivation behind Robbie’s transcontinental attempt
  • Slaying myths about travel, being a foodie, and being a plant-based athlete
  • Robbie’s nutrition plan
  • How Robbie suggests people transition from one lifestyle to another
  • Follow Robbie Balenger at or on Instagram at @robbiebalendger.You can also track his progress at and

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