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Revolutionize Your Gut with Gastroenterologist and Author Dr. Alan Desmond

Nov 17, 2021

Watch Episode 152 with Dr. Alan Desmond:

Got gut issues? We’ve got a doctor on call. Dr. Alan Desmond is a general practitioner and gastroenterologist based in the UK. He incorporates whole, plant-based nutrition to treat the problem, not the symptoms, and he’s seen remarkable results with hundreds of patients. He’s also the author of “Plant-Based Diet Revolution: 28 Days to a Happier Gut and a Healthier You” and serves as an ambassador for Plant-Based Health Professionals UK. If you’ve got tummy troubles—from basic bloating to more serious conditions like IBS—to questions about probiotics and FODMAPS, Dr. Alan Desmond is in.


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Your Questions Answered by Dietitian James Marin

Your Questions Answered by Dietitian James Marin

This conversation dives into both kid and adult nutrition as well as the environmental factors we often don’t think about when deciding what to eat. James also stays on to answer our listener questions, so stay tuned through the end!

Food is Climate with Author Glen Merzer

Food is Climate with Author Glen Merzer

If you’ve ever wondered what exactly greenhouse gases are or how eating animals specifically contributes to climate change, this conversation is for you. Merzer has done his research, and it’s evident: we’re not fighting against science, we’re fighting against a culture ingrained in animal foods. 


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