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Plant-Based India with Cookbook Author Dr. Sheil Shukla

Nov 16, 2022

Our guest today, Dr. Sheil Shukla, practices internal medicine at Northwestern Medicine in Illinois, but within him beats the heart of a true artist, and it’s apparent in everything he does – whether it’s treating patients or photographing mouthwatering meals that he’s prepared for his 60,000 followers on Instagram. Dr. Shukla is also a contributor at the culinary publication – Best of Vegan. He’s been featured in VegNews, Forks Over Knives, and THRIVE Magazine. And now, with his new book, Plant-Based India, he highlights the wonderful, healing foods of the Indian continent, sharing recipes that he grew up with. 

We’re extra excited about this interview today to discuss Indian culture and the potential health benefits of India’s beautiful, delicious cuisine, as interpreted by our guest, Dr. Shukla himself! 

Listen to Episode 204 with Dr. Sheil Shukla

What we discuss in this episode:

  • The role of vegetarianism and veganism in India.
  • How religion is a factor in Indian cuisine.
  • Dr. Shukla’s diet and upbringing.
  • The treatment of cows in India.
  • The dairy industry in India.
  • Ethical alternatives to ghee.
  • Dr. Shukla’s journey to veganism.
  • Why and how he created his cookbook.
  • Beneficial health properties and vegan substitutions in Indian cuisine.
  • How to identify authentic Indian spice blends.
  • Helpful tips to take exceptional food photos.


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