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Phil Keoghan: On Adventure, Habits, and Ditching Dairy

Jun 26, 2019

Watch Episode 28 with Phil Keoghan here:

If you died tomorrow, what adventure would you regret not taking?

As the host of The Amazing Race, a bungee jump world-record-holder, and a cyclist who has ridden across the US for charity, Phil Keoghan walks the walk of his philosophy: “Tick it before you kick it.”

When Phil isn’t interviewing guests like Dotsie on his podcast BUCKiT, he’s crossing experiences off his own list, including dining atop an erupting volcano and renewing his wedding vows underwater while hand-feeding sharks.

His latest adventure? Ditching dairy.

He joins Dotsie and Alexandra to share what’s happened since Dotsie convinced him to make the switch three months ago.

Phil shares his new favorite cheese alternatives and non-dairy milks while giving insight into how you can stop living your life on the sidelines.

You’ll hear how he stays healthy and active while traveling the world and the near-death experience that drove him to tap into his eight BUCKiT themes.

Don’t miss this inspiring episode on living adventurously while eating ethically.

Listen to Episode 28 with Phil Keoghan here:

What we discuss in this episode:

  • What it takes to change your habits, how latte-loving Phil ditched dairy, and the awesome effects he’s noticed since
  • What Dotsie said to Phil that convinced him to stop consuming dairy and the heartbreaking story of Nestle encouraging African mothers to stop breastfeeding their infants in favor of cows’ milk formula
  • Phil’s new favorite almond milk, Barista Blend, and Field Roast Chao cheese (try their alternative meats too!)
  • Neuro taste adaptation: The taste buds in our mouth play a critical role during eating. Our tongues have approximately 2,000 to 8,000 taste buds divided into four basic tastes: sour, sweet, bitter and salty. When eating a specific food, the initial taste is very distinct and identified by the tongue’s sensory neurons. As you continue eating the food, the taste is not as strong and does not have the same impact, which is due to sensory adaptation.
  • What it’s like traveling as a vegan
  • What is the Reducitarian Solution? Can the gradual change of our choices make a positive impact on the world?
  • Phil’s 8 BUCKiT themes and the near-death experience that pushed him to live a life without wasted opportunities
  • Phil’s experience funding cycling teams and raising over a million dollars for multiple sclerosis charity
  • Why we struggle to rediscovery our childhood, how children see “mistakes” differently, and why you have to practice an optimistic attitude
  • How to stay healthy and active while traveling around the world
  • Connect with Phil Keoghan on Instagram at @philiminator, on Twitter at @PhilKeoghan, and on his website at PhilKeoghan.com.


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