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Part 2: How to Fight Heart Disease with Cardiologist Dr. Monica Aggarwal

Oct 27, 2021

Watch Episode 149 with Dr. Monica Aggarwal:
We are back for round two with Dr. Monica Aggarwal. If you haven’t listened to the first episode (#148), go back and listen to her origin story. Dr. Aggarwal takes a different approach to heart health than most cardiologists. Instead of stents and blood-thinners, she uses lifestyle and nutrition as a patient’s first line of defense. Named a New Generation Innovator by Cardiology Today, Dr. Aggarwal is helping people live longer—not just masking the symptoms of heart disease. Everyone has some level of risk when it comes to heart health. No matter your age or lifestyle, we can all benefit from hearing what Dr. Aggarwal has to say. We just couldn’t fit all of her knowledge into one episode!

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