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Pain-Free Living with Physical Therapist, Author & Body Guru Eileen Kopsaftis

Apr 5, 2023

When it comes to aging, the general school of thought is that pain and deterioration are just part of the deal. But what if it doesn’t have to be this way? What if there was a way to mitigate, or even reverse this decline? What if there was a way to feel younger and stronger? Fortunately, our expert today, Eileen Kopsaftis, can talk about common misconceptions around aging and show us why there’s nothing natural about physical deterioration.

Eileen is a physical therapist, founder of Have Lifelong Wellbeing, and author of the book Pain Culprits: Surprising Truths Behind Pain, How to Uncover the Cause, and What to Do about It, and for over two decades, she’s been helping people resolve pain and experience lasting wellbeing.

Today, she’s with us to discuss what it means to actually age well, and dramatically improve the quality of your life!

Listen to Episode 224 with Eileen Kopsaftis

What we discuss in this episode:

  • How chronic pain and aging don’t have to go hand in hand
  • The three main areas that need extra attention in the body
  • The planes of motion the human body moves in
  • The way muscles work in the body during movement
  • Common causes of low back pain
  • Causes of incontinence and how to prevent, mitigate or reverse incontinence caused by weakness
  • Chronic inflammation and diet
  • The importance of hydration and what happens to the body when it’s dehydrated
  • The importance of hip mobility and exercises you can do for your hips


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