Our Values

We are a strong and growing coalition made up of dairy-free athletes, trainers, doctors, nutritionists and influencers.

Some of us have won Olympic medals and some of us simply take the stairs instead of the elevator. We have all learned that cow’s milk is not a health food and understand that ditching dairy is a straight path towards living a longer, more fulfilling life.

As a team, we are:

• Tired of being fed misinformation and dairy propaganda 

• Dedicated to telling the truth about the dangers of dairy 

• Standing up when called upon to fight for what we believe in 

• Empowering people all over the world to take control of their health and performance. 

• Sharing our personal stories and supporting the growing community of dairy-free athletes. 

• Going to learn, grow, and spread the message that making the Switch4Good is easy, fun, and, most importantly, healthy 

More and more of us are ditching dairy to improve our health and performance. Dropping dairy helps us breathe better, recover faster, work harder, and get stronger. Side-by-side, we will raise our voices, we will save lives, and improve the health of our teammates, our communities, and our fans – because cow’s milk is NOT a health food; it’s a marketing campaign and it’s making people sick.