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Healing Addiction through Meditation with Monk Coleman

Aug 3, 2022

Watch Episode 189 with Monk Coleman:

Our podcast guest today is a speaker, life coach, vegan, published author, personal trainer, body-builder, and peaceful change-maker. Monk Coleman joins us today to share some of the love-based wisdom he’s learned through a transformative healing journey. 

Monk grew up with a single parent and little resources, and he coped with life’s challenges and the painful emotions that come from them by relying on alcohol and drugs. After struggling for years, Joe chose a path of meditation and empathy, and we know that you will learn a lot from his inspiring story.

Join us in today’s episode to learn how humans are “programmed” starting at birth, why generational trauma is real and powerful, and how being present through meditation can change your life!

Listen to Episode 189 with Monk Coleman:

What we discussed:

  • How humans are “programmed” starting at birth 
  • Monk’s beginnings and how religion affected him
  • Why Monk started to depend on alcohol
  • Why generational trauma is real and powerful  
  • The power of being present & how meditation changed Monk’s life
  • What Kundalini is and Monk’s introduction to it 
  • Why Monk made the switch and went vegan 
  • What Monk eats in a day 


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