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Lobbying for Animals with Laura Reese

Aug 18, 2021

Watch Episode 140 with Laura Reese:

Agriculture subsidies have robbed Americans of their right to vote with their dollars. Millions of consumers make conscious choices to not purchase animal products, believing their purchasing decisions are making a small but definitive statement about demand. Unfortunately, the colossal government subsidies that are pumped into the animal agriculture industry keep it alive regardless of demand. When Laura Reese realized this fact, she was angry, and she took action. Laura is the co-founder of the Agriculture Fairness Alliance and Liberation 360—two organizations that allow her to lobby and create lasting, effective change within the agriculture industry. Currently, she is working on legislation to incorporate into the next Farm Bill that will help animal farmers transition to plant-based farmers. In this episode, Laura delivers on subsidy 101 and elucidates on the problems and actions we all can take to make our dollars count. 


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