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Living Lively with Wunderkind Haile Thomas

Sep 29, 2021

Watch Episode 145 with Haile Thomas:

How does a 12-year-old start a non-profit? Haile Thomas will tell you. Now 20, Haile is accomplished beyond her years. Extraordinarily articulate and composed, Haile has been featured on The Food Network, Good Morning America, the Dr. Oz Show, the Drew Barrymore Show, and a dozen other talk shows. She’s the founder of The Happy Organization—a non-profit that empowers kids to embrace self-care and plant-based nutrition. She’s also the author of Living Lively—a cookbook with 80 plant-based recipes and a full outline of her 7 Points of Power to obtain a balanced, grounded, and actualized state of being. Haile has a quiet power that is magnetic in force. You’ll be drawn in the minute she starts to speak. 


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