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Listening to Your Gut With Jason Wrobel

Jan 22, 2020

Watch Episode 58 with Jason Wrobel here:

In the past several decades, talking about veganism has often been met with discomfort, assumptions, and suspicion.

Or, like in the case of today’s guest, it was met with jokes that you might be in a cult.

The world is continuing to progress and plant-based diets are becoming more and more popular, but there still isn’t enough focus on the big picture of health.

In this episode, Dotsie and Alexandra are joined by Jason Wrobel, an author, chef, and podcast host who focuses on holistic mental health and emotional wellness.

Dotsie got to know Jason at the Remedy Retreat, a weekend of education and inspiration for people who are struggling to take control of their health where Dotsie and Jason both had the opportunity to speak.

Tune in and get to know more about Jason, his journey as a chef who had his own TV show, and how he won his battle over depression.

Listen to Episode 58 with Jason Wrobel here:

What we discuss in this episode:

  • The exciting thing Jason is working on with the Switch4Good team
  • How Jason’s mom helped him make the switch and why we need to get back to cherishing the bonding experience of food
  • How Jason gradually eliminated animal products from his diet and the role Dr. Neal Barnard’s research played in his journey
  • What led Jason to become a plant-based chef
  • His battle with depression and suicide and how he was able to overcome it
  • Why you need to watch out for foods that cause inflammation
  • Jason’s advice for people who are feeling depressed or suicidal
  • Follow Jason Wrobel on Facebook at @JasonWrobelOfficial, on Instagram at @jasonwrobel, on Twitter at @jasonwrobel. Check out his website at https://jasonwrobel.com and his new brand at https://www.wellevatr.com/.
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