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Balance Hormones, Eliminate Toxins with Functional Medicine Doc, Dr. Koz

Our guest today is functional medicine practitioner Dr. Peter Kozlowski, and for those who aren’t familiar with functional medicine, you’re in for a real treat. Dr. Koz practices getting to the root of disease rather than treating the symptoms while also addressing mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Doesn’t that make sense?

Combat & Compassion with Vegan MMA Fighter Mac Danzig

Combat & Compassion with Vegan MMA Fighter Mac Danzig

To talk to today’s guest, you may not guess he’s an extremely accomplished mixed martial artist. Modest, thoughtful, and incredibly insightful, Mac Danzig is a true maverick – a warrior poet and animal rights proponent who defies stereotypes and can wax philosophical about anything from human nature to photography, even skateboarding. A 2nd-degree black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, he came to prominence while winning season six of the Ultimate Fighter and made his mark in the ring as a dominant grappler and proficient striker. In addition to his success in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, he appeared in the revolutionary documentary Forks Over Knives, where he discussed the benefits of a plant-based diet and how it affected his health and his career as an athlete.

GonnaNeedMilk FACTS: What Dairy’s Latest Campaign isn’t Telling You

In Big Dairy’s effort to update “Got Milk?” campaign / slogan, MilkPEP (Milk Processor Education Program) debuted its new “You’re Gonna Need Milk for That” marketing campaign in March of 2021. It touts the nutritional and performance benefits of cows' milk for...

Is Oat Milk Good For You?

In 2015, it was revealed that a Paleolithic (emphasis on “paleo”) stone pestle discovered in a cave in Italy had remnants of oat dust and still-intact bits of grain on it. That’s right. Our ancestors were grinding oats for the purpose of consumption. Whether it was...

Plant-Based in the Black Community with The Invisible Vegan Filmmaker Jasmine Leyva

She’s a self-starter, she’s an activist, she’s a multi-hyphenate. Today’s guest, Jasmine Leyva, made her directing debut with the groundbreaking documentary The Invisible Vegan, which highlights her own journey with veganism while exploring the unknown history of plant-based eating directly linked to African roots. If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and watch it immediately.

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