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Dr. Nadja Pinnavaia: How Plantable is Delivering Plant-Based Freedom

Sep 18, 2019

Watch Episode 40 with Dr. Nadja Pinnavaia here:

When the hold of sugar addiction and habits are so strong, how can we support people through breaking out of their harmful diets? 

Dr. Nadja Pinnavaia, Doctor of Quantum Chemistry and former Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, is proving that it’s never too late to change your path and create an impact. 

She is the founder of Plantable, a meal service that goes beyond food delivery and takes a holistic approach to coaching clients through their transition to a plant-based diet. 

Her program is helping people lose an average of 8.9 pounds, regulate their elevated cholesterol and blood sugar, and gain confidence in only four weeks. 

In this episode, Nadja joins Dotsie and Alexandra to share the impetus for Plantable, how she’s integrated her academic background to create the menus, and why a plant-based diet is optimal for your health. You’ll also want to tune in to hear some of her fantastic recipes that you can try at home today and how you can save 10% on any of Plantable’s programs.

Listen to Episode 40 with Dr. Nadja Pinnavaia here:

What we discuss in this episode:

  • Dotsie and Alexandra’s favorite cruelty-free cosmetics brands, including Gabriel Cosmetics, Beautycounter, and Fresh
  • How Nadja convinced a paleo trainer to go plant-based and the awesome results he saw in only four weeks
  • The illnesses Nadja’s family members were facing and how The Anticancer Diet encouraged her to dig deeper into nutrition, the Standard American Diet, and food addiction
  • Why a service that approaches diet holistically is so important to help people transition their eating habits
  • How Nadja integrated her science background, the creativity of a chef, and the experience of a cardiologist to help create the food for Plantable
  • The Plantable coaching philosophy, how they onboard clients to prep them for success, and how they help you handle the 2 and 10 p.m. cravings
  • What Nadja recommends for a nutrient-rich, savory breakfast and why she encourages people to stay away from smoothies
  • The empowering psychological effects of taking care of yourself and finding your sense of control 
  • Recipes you can try today, and a sneak peek to their upcoming bowl inspired by Dotsie
  • Follow Dr. Nadja Pinnavaia on LinkedIn at Nadja Pinnavaia, on Instagram at @plantable, on Twitter at @Plantable, and on Plantable.com where you can enter code S4G to get 10% off any Plantable program!

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