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Healthy Living with Fitness Pro Marco Borges

May 5, 2022

Watch Episode 176 with Marco Borges:

Marco Borges brings inspiration and passion to the podcast as he tells us about his own personal healthy habits, practices, and philosophies while encouraging us to create our own. Based in Miami with his wife and four kids, Marco leads a life of example and follows a plant-based diet and lifestyle. Over the past twenty years, Marco has worked with some of the world’s more well-known celebrities, guiding them to live plant-based as well.

Having studied physiology and biology, he is a well-balanced nutritionist, personal trainer, and coach. He created the groundbreaking “22 Greenprint Laws” which teaches folks how to eat, exercise, and live in a way that is sustainable for them and the planet.

In today’s show we learned about how life changed for Marco during the pandemic, his approach to guiding people into plant-based diets, why examining our own personal habits is important, and how to find our “why” the fuels important change in our lives. He has a can-do and optimistic attitude that can often be rare in today’s world, so you’ll leave this episode feeling energized and ready to make necessary changes in your own life!


Listen to Episode 176 with Marco Borges:

What we discuss in this episode:

  • Alexandra talks about how she made a mistake when talking about the history of indigenous lands in a previous podcast episode
  • Dotsie asks guests to join her on a 22-day journey to rework her relationship with wine 
  • Good news Marco received during the pandemic and how his life changed during the past two years
  • How he instructs people to wade into a plant-based diet when it seems very overwhelming to them
  • Why he ended up living a plant-based life and wanting to help others live happy and healthier
  • How his Cuban family reacted to his decision to go 100% plant-based and peruse personal training instead of being a doctor 
  • Why examining our own personal habits can help lead us to the success that we want 
  • How every meal is a chance to choose health or disease 
  • How food addiction starts and continues
  • The importance of bouncing back from mistakes and changing our habits 
  • How to find our “why” that can motivate us to change our lives 
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