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Healing Autoimmune Diseases with Dr. Brooke Goldner

Mar 18, 2020

Watch Episode 66 with Dr. Brooke Goldner here:

Dr. Goldner was resigned to live out her life in the clutches of lupus—she expected to become disabled by her forties, deal with chronic pain, and never have children. Her perspective changed after meeting her husband and attempting to get trim for a Maui honeymoon. She shocked herself by healing her disease simply by eating a high-raw, whole food, plant-based diet. For Goldner—and the hundreds of seriously ill patients she has treated since then—it really is that simple. Food can heal. This episode is for anyone who struggles (or knows someone who is struggling) with a health issue doctors say they can’t cure, only manage. The message is eye-opening, inspiring, and attainable. It might just save a life. 

Listen to Episode 66 with Dr. Brooke Goldner here:

What we discuss in this episode:

  • Autoimmune disease basics
  • Dr. Goldner’s self-healing from lupus
  • What foods to eat to heal disease
  • How to build a healing smoothie
  • How to find your “whypower”
  • Defining hypernourishment
  • Dr. Goldner’s best-selling book, “Goodbye Lupus
  • Smoothie recipes at smoothieshred.com

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