Join the Gold Circle

Dairy-free is the future. Through a plant-based diet, we can create healthier bodies, a fairer food system and a greener planet. But if we’re going to achieve greatness, we need to be able to count on you. Are you ready to join the Gold Circle?

The Gold Circle is a small group of passionate supporters that help guide Switch4Good as we remove the roadblocks that keep people from living their best dairy-free lives. When you join, you’ll play an active role in shaping the future of how we view food.

New Gold Circle members will receive:

  • A welcome package featuring a sweatshirt, t-shirt, hat, and more
  • An introductory call with an S4G team member to share how your gift is making an immediate impact and learn what matters to you
  • Opportunities to get hands-on to amplify the causes that matter to you
  • Quarterly status reports on how S4G is making an impact
  • Periodic video conferences to learn and share
  • Surprises from the S4G world, including from world-famous dairy-free athletes
  • And much more!

We’re reshaping the world in a dairy-free vision. But we need you with us to make it a reality. Step inside the Gold Circle and let’s get started.

Rather make a smaller, more regular commitment? Sign up for a monthly recurring gift by clicking here.


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