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Getting Unstuck with Transformational Teacher Kute Blackson

May 18, 2022

Watch Episode 178 with Kute Blackson: 

Today we have Kute Blackson on the show, an inspirational speaker and transformational teacher. Kute offers a fresh, unique look at spiritual awareness and helps us unlock our own true gifts and greatness. He was born in Ghana, West Africa, and talks to us about his unique childhood in this episode.

Kute shares with us how he first spoke at age 8 in front of a congregation of 3,000, and then went on to speak in over 300 venues by age 18. Fast forward to today and he has been featured on Larry King Now, NPR, and more. His mission is simple: To awaken and inspire people across the planet to access inner freedom, live authentically, and fulfill their true life’s purpose. Don’t miss this inspiring episode! 


Listen to Episode 178 with Kute Blackson: 

What we discuss in this episode:

  • A teaser for Dotsie’s book
  • Kute’s interesting childhood experience and the expectations that came along with his dad’s leadership success 
  • How we get disconnected from our true selves throughout life
  • How to feel our feelings properly 
  • How Kute helps clients transform on his 1 on 1 coaching trips to India 
  • Kute’s 3 homework questions he uses to help people live more honest lives
  • The difference between surrendering vs accepting 
  • The Powerful Feminine 
  • www.kuteblackson.com/reinventseminar
  • www.kuteblackson.com 
  • The Magic of Surrender book 
  • Kute’s Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/kuteblackson/
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