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Fuel Your Body Right with Badass Vegan Athlete, Author & Entrepreneur John Lewis

Feb 1, 2023

Today’s guest was on Episode 43, and we’re so happy he’s on again to talk about his upcoming book and new documentary! From the rough-and-tumble streets of Ferguson, Missouri, to the tropical shores of Miami, Florida, Vegan Badass John Lewis has an inspiring story. Growing up on a diet practically devoid of fresh fruits and vegetables, and weighing in at over 300 pounds when he was just thirteen, John decided to make a change. He immersed himself in basketball and football excellence, changed his diet and his life. 

Flash-forward to today and he’s a renowned fitness expert, speaker, author, and director/producer of the documentary They’re Trying to Kill Us. John is also on the front lines of social justice – sharing his passion, infectious energy, and belief in the healing powers of plants to change the world.

Listen to Episode 215 with John Lewis

What we discuss in this episode:

  • John’s new book
  • His suggestions for anyone considering making a switch to a vegan diet
  • How civil rights and human health are connected
  • How he keeps his fitness on track
  • What he eats in a day
  • His favorite recipes
  • His new documentary
  • How impoverished communities are affected by factory farming


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