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From On the Ice to Behind the Mic with Georges Laraque

Jan 1, 2020

Watch Episode 55 with Georges Laraque here:

Ice hockey is often stereotyped as a white man’s sport. In fact, USA Today claims that the National Hockey League is made up of only 3% non-white players.

But today’s guest helped pave the way to increase that percentage and get more men of color on the ice.

Georges Laraque is a retired professional hockey player, Canadian sports commentator, author, and animal rights activist.

In his 13 years in the NHL, Georges played 695 games, including 57 in the playoffs and two fighting for the Stanley Cup.

Since making the switch in 2009, Georges has steadily contributed to the vegetarian and environmental movements in Montreal.  

In this episode, Alexandra and Dotsie speak with Georges about his journey to becoming one of the few men of color to play in the NHL and how shifting to a plant-based diet affected his life and understanding of justice.

Tune in to hear more about Georges growing influence in the vegan, sports, and political communities.

Listen to Episode 55 with Georges Laraque here:

What we discuss in this episode:

  • What it was like for Georges growing up as a man of color who wanted to play hockey in Montreal
  • Georges’s inspiration for pursuing a career in hockey
  • How the documentary Earthlings encouraged Georges to shift to a plant-based diet
  • How injustice toward animals is similar to other social inequalities
  • Georges’s effect on the NHL community and the plant-based industry as a whole after becoming vegan
  • How Georges is breaking down stereotypes of veganism through public speaking
  • Follow George Laraque on Facebook at @bgl27, on Instagram at @georges_laraque, and on Twitter at @GeorgesLaraque. Check out his videos on YouTube at @douly27 and listen to his daily radio show at Read more about his story on his website,
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