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From Butcher to Vegan Bodybuilder with Fraser Bayley

Feb 9, 2022

Watch Episode 164 with Fraser Bayley:

Food addiction is one of the biggest addictions on the planet. To some degree, everyone has experienced a struggle with food addiction. But we can’t just stop eating. We need food to survive. The question is, what type of food do you consume? Think of your body like a computer and the food you eat as the software. Would you put malware inside your computer? Today’s guest is Fraser Bayley, a former butcher turned vegan health coach. Fraser looks at bloodwork markers to gauge a client’s health status and teaches them to understand how their body communicates. When you truly understand the mechanism of how your biofeedback works, you’ll know what vitamins and minerals you could be missing; you can essentially hack your biology to the point where cravings are almost non-existent. Which in turn makes choosing healthier options easier.


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