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From 400 LBS to Climbing Mountains with Tim Kaufman

Mar 23, 2022

Watch Episode 170 with Tim Kaufman:

How does a 400-pound cripple living in constant pain become an avid mountain climber and a triathlete? Here to tell his story and inspire everyone that change is possible is Tim Kaufman. Tim was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) in his early twenties and lived in chronic pain most of his life. By the time he was 37, he had a prescription drug addiction and was also addicted to alcohol and fast food. Weighing over 400 pounds, Tim could not perform simple daily tasks and was almost immobile. He had lost his interest in life and had almost given up. Losing two people close to their hearts to deadly diseases, Tim’s wife feared that he would be the next. That was the turning point for Tim. 

He started a journey to regain his health, changing one small thing at a time. As a result, Tim is now an athlete who thrives on a plant-based whole food lifestyle and leads a healthy, happy, and active life free of all medications he was once on. He now helps others find health and happiness with the firm belief that change is out there for anyone.” 

Tim also wrote the following books:

  • Fat Man’s Essential 40 Plant-Based Recipes: Quick and Easy Plant-Based Food (Fat Man’s Recipes Book 1), 
  • Fat Man’s Not So Fancy 40 Plant-Based Recipes: Quick and Easy Plant-Based Food (Fat Man’s Food Book 2) 
  • Triathlon Training Journal: 90 Days of Journaling

Tune in to hear Tim’s powerful and transformative journey in today’s episode.


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