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Food is Climate with Author Glen Merzer

Dec 1, 2021

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According to Glen Merzer, Al Gore needs to step it up. The comedian-turned-screenwriter has authored several books that center around the plant-based diet and its many benefits. Merzer’s first works focused on health after collaborating with Howard Lyman to write “Mad Cowboy.” In more recent years, Merzer has turned his attention toward animal agriculture and its disastrous effects on climate change. His newest release—”Food Is Climate—” stresses the fact that world leaders, corporations, and most individuals aren’t doing enough. They’re not going plant-based, and the planet cannot breathe because of it. If you’ve ever wondered what exactly greenhouse gases are or how eating animals specifically contributes to climate change, this conversation is for you. Merzer has done his research, and it’s evident: we’re not fighting against science, we’re fighting against a culture ingrained in animal foods. 


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