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Find Your Inner Water Tiger with SriMu Founder Julie Piatt

Sep 21, 2022

Julie Piatt, a.k.a. “SriMati,” is a mystic, yogi, musician, artist, chef, author, and healer. She is also the mother of 4 children and finds the divine in all experiences in life, beautiful and challenging alike. 

Julie has created over 300 plant-based recipes for a series of bestselling cookbooks and is the author of the plant-based cheese bible, “This Cheese Is Nuts!”. She also co-authored the internationally acclaimed books “The Plantpower Way” and “The Plantpower Way; Italia” with her husband, Rich Roll. 

Julie is known for her “NOT” cheese and created SriMu NOT Cheese to bring delicious plant-based flavors into our kitchens. In this episode, we get to talk to her about healthy living, spiritual development, and of course, plant-based cheese!

Listen to Episode 196 with Julie Piatt:

What we discussed:

  • How spirituality has driven Julie’s life 
  • How yoga is a “shelter from the storm” 
  • Religion vs spirituality 
  • Are some people more spiritual than others? 
  • How to fall back in love with ourselves 
  • How Julie met her husband, Rich, and learned how to accept him exactly how he was at that moment
  • Julie’s plant-based cheese line 


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