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No Meat Athlete Matt Frazier Gives 5 Tips on How To Make the Switch and Go Vegan

Jul 17, 2019

Watch Episode 31 with Matt Frazier here:

Like a lot of interesting stories, Matt Frazier’s begins in a bar. A fun challenge between friends to run a marathon, made over a beer, incidentally turned into the start of a lifelong journey for fitness and health. 

Seven years after his first long-distance run, Matt cut meat out of his diet, hoping that it would give him the final push to qualify for the Boston Marathon — and he was amazed by the results. 

Struck by the lack of information available to athletes looking to go vegetarian, Matt decided to create the resources himself. Almost a decade later, he’s an author, blogger, podcast host, and the face of No Meat Athlete, a brand dedicated to educating athletes about the benefits of making the switch. 

Today he joins Dotsie and Alexandra to share his story of going vegan and making 2019 his fittest year yet. 

He gives his best tips for creating lasting habits, sharing your message without feeling pushy, and raising a vegan family. 

His advice stretches beyond athleticism and will give you the practical information you need to make the switch, stay healthy, and encourage your family to join the journey.

Listen to Episode 31 with Matt Frazier here:

What we discuss in this episode:

  • Dotsie’s trip to Napa Valley with world-class chefs
  • The origins of Matt’s Boston Marathon dream and how it eventually led him to make the switch
  • How a lack of resources at the start of his journey inspired Matt to found No Meat Athlete
  • Why are some people able to make the connection between their pets and slaughtered animals, and some people aren’t?
  • Matt’s food philosophy and why he takes an inclusive approach to education
  • Why you need to focus on incorporating whole foods into your diet
  • The health scare that encouraged Matt’s parents to make the switch
  • Top tips for empathetic and effective conversations with loved ones about going vegan
  • Matt’s number one strategy for building habits and avoiding burnout as you make positive changes
  • How Matt has created a culture of awareness in his home for his two vegan children — plus, what do vegan kids do on Halloween?
  • Follow Matt Frazier on Instagram at @nomeatathlete_official, on Twitter at @NoMeatAthlete, or on Facebook at @NoMeatAthlete. Check out his website at NoMeatAthlete.com.

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