You’ve been challenged!

If you’re here, you’ve agreed to ditch dairy for 10 days. Get ready to feel amazing! Ditching dairy can reduce inflammation, abolish bloat and digestive distress, increase athletic performance, and improve your health overall.

Click the link below for your Ditch Dairy Challenge Guide which includes everything you need to rock this challenge.

Ditch Dairy Challenge Guide

But first, some ground rules.


If you’ve been challenged:
Document your journey on Instagram using #DitchDairyChallenge. Post your first dairy-free meal, the perfect dairy-free coffee creamer cloud, or your new favorite dairy-free yogurt. Share your experience—skin clearing up? Feeling less bloated? Less inflamed? Let your followers know. We’ll cheer you on with every post.

Once your ten days are up, tag five of your friends to take on the challenge! Support them on their journey by sending words of encouragement and this Ditch Dairy Guide.

Learn Why You Should Ditch Dairy

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