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Decrease Inflammation and Heal Your Gut with Dr. James Loomis

Jun 5, 2019

Watch Episode 25 with Dr. James Loomis here:

Is your diet keeping you sick?

Dr. James Loomis is a whole-foods plant-based internal medical practitioner spreading the message that food is the best way to combat illness and disease.

After experiencing a decline in his own health, Dr. Loomis made the switch and saw miraculous results: a significant drop in weight, cholesterol, and blood pressure in under three months.

He says that most problems that walk into his office can be traced back to inflammation and stress, often resulting from the Standard American Diet.

The former internist for both the St. Louis Cardinals and Rams now serves as the Medical Director of the Barnard Medical Center and advocates for using food — over prescriptions — as medicine.

In this episode, Dr. Loomis joins Alexandra and Dotsie to explain exactly how what we eat works to either heal or harm our bodies.

You’ll hear why whole foods are the best way to combat inflammation, why manipulation by the dairy industry is so dangerous, and how you can get empowered to critically evaluate medical research on your own.  

This is a must-hear episode to understand why eating whole foods is as important as eating plant-based for your health.

Listen to Episode 25 with Dr. James Loomis here:

What we discuss in this episode:

  • Dotsie and Dr. Loomis’s experience presenting to athletes in Atlanta and some good signs of progress
  • The health crisis that encouraged Dr. Loomis to make the switch and the amazing benefits he saw within three months
  • Chronic disease can often be traced back to inflammation and stress. How is the Standard American Diet keeping us sick?
  • How a whole-foods plant-based diet will heal your gut
  • The lies behind “bro science” and how athletes are working to lead by example
  • Busting myths around the obsession with protein and calcium: IGF-1’s connection to cancer, over-consumption of protein lowering the PH of our blood, and why most people become lactose intolerant by age 5
  • The science behind inflammation: Why you need to decrease your Omega-6 intake, increase your Omega-3 intake, and eliminate highly-processed foods
  • The truth behind the popular Chocolate Milk and Butter studies
  • How to better critically evaluate medical and nutritional research, plus suggested resources from Dr. Michael Greger and David L. Katz
  • Follow Dr. James Loomis on Twitter at @jfloomismd, read his writing on the Forks Over Knives blog, and find him on the Barnard Medical Center website.


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