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Chef Suzi on Vegan Keto and New Trends

Jul 29, 2020

Watch Episode 85 with Chef Suzi Gerber here:

Chef Suzi Gerber defies the impossible. With advanced degrees spanning from curatorial studies to social psychology, she fuses her well-rounded education to push the plant-based movement forward. While we first talk market trends and consulting, the bulk of this conversation is spent on food. We learn about her unorthodox vegan journey, her ideas on the vegan keto diet, and how she turns watermelon into incredible plant-based escargot. If you’re curious about upping your homemade culinary game or baffled by using vegan and keto in the same sentence, give this episode a listen. We thoroughly enjoyed this conversation and we’re sure you will, too!

Listen to Episode 85 with Chef Suzi Gerber here:

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