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Chef Charity Morgan: On Feeding Plant-Powered Athletes and Cooking What You Love

May 8, 2019

Watch Episode 21 with Chef Charity Morgan here:

When meat is considered to be an integral part of athleticism and masculinity, how can you convince a team of football players that a plant-based diet is best for their health and performance?

Chef Charity Morgan holds a culinary degree from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts and is leveraging her artistry in the kitchen to feed dozens of NFL players plant-based, nutrient-rich meals every day.

Once players got a taste of the lunches she was making for her husband, Tennessee Titans linebacker Derrick Morgan, they realized they didn’t have to sacrifice taste or results on the field to be vegan.

Today Chef Charity joins us to discuss how she’s fueling a team with plants, how she creates culturally-diverse and delicious meals, and what switching for good has meant for her family’s health.

Listen to Episode 21 with Chef Charity Morgan here:

What we discuss in this episode:

  • The impact of growing up in a multicultural household, and how it ignited Chef Charity’s passion for cooking
  • The chronic health issue that led her to switch for good, and the amazing changes her body went through
  • How the switch helped her husband, Derrick Morgan, drop his blood pressure, better his cholesterol, and get rid of inflammation
  • Why there are ethnic differences in lactose intolerance, and how dropping dairy can better your health and increase your energy
  • How Chef Charity collects data on the players she feeds, and how she keeps them plant-based on the road
  • Her process for preparing food in high quantities, and how she gets families involved
  • Chef Charity’s secret weapon to getting people to go vegan
  • Chef Charity’s tips for meal prep that will save you time in the kitchen
  • How athletes are changing the culture of food from inside the industry
  • Follow Chef Charity Morgan on Instagram at @chefcharitymorgan or on Twitter at @ChefCharity, and on her website at chefcharitymorgan.com. Check out her cashew ricotta recipe here!


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