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The dairy industry often uses research studies to self-promote, but few realize these studies are often industry-funded and manipulated to favor cows’ milk. Conversely, research from independent organizations and universities are finding that dairy does not do a body good. When you really look at the science, dairy just doesn’t make sense.

Study Finds Dairy (Not Soy) Skyrockets Breast Cancer Risk

Sources of Vitamin D: Everything You Need to Know

Guest post by Rick Scott (#veganhockeyplayer) It’s spring in all its magnificent splendor, which means it’s time to get outside to soak up all that vitamin D that you missed during the winter months. One of the downsides of my return to life as a hockey player instead...

Dairy Study Targets Teens to Promote Milk Consumption

As a parent, you want the best for your children, and nutrition plays a significant role in their overall success. It is crucial to consume all the necessary macro and micronutrients as children blossom into adolescence, because a balanced diet not only contributes to...

The Problem with Chocolate Milk

I remember a feeling of elation when the chocolate-milk-as-exercise-recovery news broke several years ago and happily guzzled the advice. I was a huge fan of organic dairy products—Vermont cow and goat yogurt and cheese especially—as part of my supposedly healthful...

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