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The dairy industry often uses research studies to self-promote, but few realize these studies are often industry-funded and manipulated to favor cows’ milk. Conversely, research from independent organizations and universities are finding that dairy does not do a body good. When you really look at the science, dairy just doesn’t make sense.

Study Finds Dairy (Not Soy) Skyrockets Breast Cancer Risk

Another Dairy-Funded Study Sends Mixed Messages to Athletes

A new study partially funded by the National Dairy Council of Ireland has attempted to contribute to the growing body of susceptible evidence that dairy promotes athletic recovery. Similar to pro-dairy research in the past, cows’ milk is given an advantage based on...

New Study Links Milk Proteins with Onset of Diabetes

Diabetes touches us all. If you personally do not struggle with the disease, chances are you know someone who has been diagnosed as a type 1, type 2, or even prediabetic. In fact, according to International Diabetes Federation, it is estimated that someone will die...

Could Dairy Affect Chronic Fatigue Syndrome In Your Teenager?

Could chronic fatigue be exacerbated by cows’ milk? A new prospective study has identified a strong link. Conducted by the Chronic Fatigue Program at John Hopkins, the 2016 study, “Cow’s Milk Protein Intolerance in Adolescents and Young Adults with Chronic Fatigue...

Dairy and the Environment: How Milk Hurts the Earth

Let's talk about dairy and the environment. While meat is often to blame for our planet's declining state, the dairy industry plays a monumental role in the degradation of the place we call home. Not to mention, meat is also a byproduct of the dairy industry, so...

Largest Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Links Dairy and Disease

More than 30 years ago, Dr. T. Colin Campbell and his team at Cornell University, in partnership with researchers at Oxford University and the Chinese Government, embarked upon one of the most comprehensive studies of nutrition and health ever conducted. Known as the...

The Link Between Dairy and Prostate Cancer Is Too Significant to Ignore

Health advice is changing all the time—often in direct contradiction of itself. Carbs are bad, fat is good, sugar is the culprit, [insert food here] will give you cancer. Given this informational turmoil, it is wise to be cautious of the latest warning—even when based...

Dairy-Funded Chocolate Milk Study Targets Teen Athletes

Ever-targeting a new generation of consumers, the dairy industry-funded and released a new study in February 2019 in an attempt to support the misguided campaign, “Built With Chocolate Milk.” Titled, “Chocolate Milk Versus Carbohydrate Supplements In Adolescent...

Soy Versus Skim: How the Dairy Industry Twists Results to Market Milk

In science we trust—to a certain degree. Many of our daily habits and decisions are swayed by science—everything from what we eat to how we train is based on trusted scientific evidence and research studies. However, this seemingly objective field of study is not...

New Dairy Study Attempts to Disrupt Link Between Dairy and Mortality

Let’s talk about mortality. It isn’t a fun topic to broach, but it is one that many of us are faced with all too soon—because of our lifestyle. Western populations in particular are plagued with heart disease, stroke, and cancer, which may be prevented or at least...

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