Dairy-Free Lunch Recipes

Dairy-Free Tomato, Cucumber, And Feta Salad

Protein-Packed Mediterranean White Bean Salad

By Carrie WeldyYes, you can make a delicious Mediterranean salad without feta. The tangy, briny flavor typically provided by feta cheese is replicated in the dairy-free dressing, so you won't miss a thing (except for the cholesterol and trans fat found in cheese)....

Easy Powerhouse Philly Cheesesteak Bowl

This is a plant-based Philly cheesesteak you could eat every night—and feel great the next day. We love a good bowl meal, and this checks all the boxes—protein-packed, nutrient-dense, minimal ingredients, easy to make, and dairy-free! You can also batch cook the...

Sweet Potato and Tofu Tacos

You're going to want to add this recipe to your Taco Tuesday rotation, but really these tacos will satisfy any day of the week. Layered with crispy roasted sweet potatoes, perfectly seasoned tofu, beans, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, and non-dairy crema, these tacos...

Chickpea ‘Tuna’ Salad

The beauty of a non-dairy chickpea-based "tuna" salad is that you can take it on the go. Pack it for lunch at the office, on a road trip, or even a picnic at the beach—this delicious protein-packed meal won't get funky if it spends a bit of time in the heat (unlike...

Dairy-Free Tomato, Cucumber, and Feta Salad

Dairy-free feta? Yes, it's a thing, and you can easily make it at home! With just a few ingredients and extra-firm tofu, you can whip up a batch of healthy, protein-packed feta to top salads, sandwiches, pastas, and more. Sometimes, we even eat this by the handful for...

Peanutty Soba Noodles with BBQ Tofu and Veggies

Store-bought sauces may be convenient, but many contain unnecessary ingredients such as excess sugar, dairy, and preservatives. This recipe allows you to master two staple sauces—BBQ and peanut—so you can make healthier (but equally flavorful) versions at home. Beyond...

Sweet Potato Bean Burgers With Maple Dijon Sauce

Beef burgers may have protein, but where's the fiber? These juicy, bean and sweet potato-based patties are full of fiber to keep digestive issues at bay and keep you full and energized. There's no need for dairy-based cheese; the burgers provide enough flavor and...

Easy Tofu Quiche

The simplest tofu quiche on the block with just 10 basic ingredients and no fancy methods required. Perfect for brunch.

Easy Vegan Mushroom Soup

If you love mushrooms then this soup is for you! It is loaded with so much earthy flavor!

Delicious and Easy Vegan Egg Salad Recipe

This vegan egg salad recipe is easy breezy and fills the belly with lunchtime joy. Use it for sandwiches topped with a little romaine lettuce, spread it on crackers, eat it right out of the bowl!

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