Her Story

Facts: The Plight of the Dairy Cow

Dairy Cows There are 9.34 million dairy cows in the United States and roughly 270 million in the world. The majority of these cows spend their entire lives indoors in unnatural and unhygienic conditions.(1) Due to yearly forced inseminations, dairy cows endure...

Dairy-Free Ice Cream Company Rescues Dairy Cows

We’ve told multiple stories of dairy cows fated to a hard, short life. There are 9.34 million dairy cows in the US, all commoditized as cogs in the wheel of the massive, government-subsidized dairy industry. But not today. This story is about a cow that got away. Her...

Natalie’s Story

I remember their eyelashes. Big, dark, doe-eyes encased by long, wispy, soft, curled lashes on their demure black and white bovine faces. Newborn calves were kept in a teeny, tiny pen alone. As a young child, I was fascinated by these baby creatures. I thought it was...

Tilly’s Story

Everyone on the farm loved Tilly. I still remember being introduced to her; the farmer and his family couldn't wait for me to meet her. She was the oldest cow in the herd and had rightly earned her place as the head of it. Not only that, but she was 'top cow—' the cow...

Her Baby

He remembers those first few hours. Nestled in the soft hay with His mother, Her rough tongue cleaning Him. It was quiet. It was warm. It was comforting. It didn’t last. It’s been a few weeks now, and His memory of His mother is just that—a memory. Everything else...

Her Story

She is sleepy. So, so sleepy. It is sweltering hot, and there is no air conditioning and no fan to cool Her off. She feels Herself going in and out of consciousness, and she is in pain—wild, intense pain that she is no stranger to. She is giving birth and probably has...

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