Dairy and Performance

Dairy-Funded Chocolate Milk Study Targets Teen Athletes

Ever-targeting a new generation of consumers, the dairy industry-funded and released a new study in February 2019 in an attempt to support the misguided campaign, “Built With Chocolate Milk.” Titled, “Chocolate Milk Versus Carbohydrate Supplements In Adolescent...

Ironman Brendan Brazier Is a Pioneer in Dairy-Free Sports Nutrition

Brendan Brazier is way ahead of the game. As a former professional Ironman athlete and two-time Canadian 50km Ultra Marathon runner, he’s had his eyes on the prize since he was a young teen (he’s in his 40s now, though no one would guess by the look of him). Growing...

Nino Irgolic: the Unstoppable Dairy-Free Goalkeeper

Many of the elite athletes that proudly represent Switch4Good have been dairy-free for years. For them, it’s easy to look back and say the transition was a breeze. But what about those still in transition? To gain some fresh perspective, we interviewed Nino Irgolic, a...

Antioxidants and Athletic Performance

Looking to take your fitness to the next level? Curious about supplements? Switch4Good Dietician, Matt Ruscigno discusses the role of antioxidants in performance.

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