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It’s no coincidence that more athletes than ever before are ditching dairy. Plant-based athletes from soccer stars to NFL players are realizing the benefits of a dairy-free diet, and you can, too. Fight inflammation, recover faster, and optimize your athletic performance by ditching dairy.

Run Farther, For Longer: Study Finds Ditching Dairy Helps Endurance Athletes

A Marathoner’s Secret Recipe for Anti-Inflammation

Mary Schneider is training to compete in the 2020 Olympic Trials for the marathon, and she is putting her body to the test in the process. Long runs, speed work, hills...all of this intense exercise leads to inflammation, the body's natural response to...

Plant Strong: Cycling Through Protein Myths

Guest post by Rick Scott (#veganhockeyplayer) One of the most famous cycling coaches in the world—the coach who literally wrote the bible for cyclists—was in town for a weekend seminar that I was attending. Prior to the Sunday session, we got to ride together. I was...

4 Questions With Mary Schneider, Marathoner

1. Describe your dairy-free journey. I was diagnosed at 6 years old as lactose intolerant. The solution was to take a Lactaid pill with every meal and so I did until my late 20's when I started trying to avoid most dairy products because my intolerance was becoming...

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