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It’s no coincidence that more athletes than ever before are ditching dairy. Plant-based athletes from soccer stars to NFL players are realizing the benefits of a dairy-free diet, and you can, too. Fight inflammation, recover faster, and optimize your athletic performance by ditching dairy.

Run Farther, For Longer: Study Finds Ditching Dairy Helps Endurance Athletes

What Is Inflammation? Causes, Treatments, and Foods to Avoid

Guest post by Rick Scott (#veganhockeyplayer) As athletes, we spend time regularly dealing with inflammation. This might take the form of an ice pack on a sore muscle or wearing compression clothing to enhance the recovery process. Inflammation comes with the...

An Interview With World Record-Holding Blade Runner Brian Reynolds

Brian Reynolds runs a 3:03 marathon, a 1:17 half marathon, and a 16:49 5k. He's a dad, a dairy-free athlete, and also a double amputee. Case of meningococcemia at age four resulted in the loss of his legs, but that hasn't stopped him from earning the world record in...

Basic Bone and Major Muscle Strengthening Workout

Calcium isn’t the only factor when it comes to strong bones. Just like maintaining a certain level of fitness, both nutrition and exercise are needed to support long-term bone health—and prevent osteoporosis later in life. Put down that glass of milk (it’s not doing...

How to Maintain Weight with a Dairy-Free Diet

Guest post by Rick Scott (#veganhockeyplayer)Making a major lifestyle change like ditching dairy and adopting a plant-based diet can seem like a challenging process. Last month, I wrote about two of my fellow hockey players who tried to make the switch, but were...

Ironman Brendan Brazier Is a Pioneer in Dairy-Free Sports Nutrition

Brendan Brazier is way ahead of the game. As a former professional Ironman athlete and two-time Canadian 50km Ultra Marathon runner, he’s had his eyes on the prize since he was a young teen (he’s in his 40s now, though no one would guess by the look of him). Growing...

How to Maintain Weight and Not Go Hungry on a Dairy-Free Diet

Guest post by Rick Scott (#veganhockeyplayer) When I’m at the rink, people know that I’m a vegan hockey player and many approach to ask what I eat and drink while training and recovering. A couple of players–one male and one female–tried ditching dairy and eating...

Fiona Oakes Has No Limits: An Interview With a Dairy-Free Ultra Runner

Fiona Oakes is the greatest runner you’ve never heard of. She’s a 4X world record holder in distance running, and she has completed some of the toughest endurance running challenges on earth including the formidable Marathon des Sables, the Antarctic Ice Marathon, and...

Nino Irgolic: the Unstoppable Dairy-Free Goalkeeper

Many of the elite athletes that proudly represent Switch4Good have been dairy-free for years. For them, it’s easy to look back and say the transition was a breeze. But what about those still in transition? To gain some fresh perspective, we interviewed Nino Irgolic, a...

NFL & Olympic Nutritionist: How Food Affects Athletic Performance

If you look at the environments that professional teams have now for food, they’ve come to realize that nutrition is no joke. That is, if you want athletes: to lower injury risk, to improve musculature, to lower body fat levels so that their strength-to-weight ratio...

Chris Manderino on the Future of Football (It’s Dairy-Free!)

In just the past year, professional football players have begun to tackle the notion that one needs milk to grow big and strong. The mainstream media took hold of the trend in 2018 when 15 players on the Tennessee Titans team adopted Chef Charity Morgan’s vegan meal...

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