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Can Fasting Save Your Life? with Dr. Alan Goldhamer

Jul 3, 2024

Every day, more evidence emerges about fasting’s potential to transform health and well-being. From treating autoimmune disorders and reducing blood pressure to aiding in addiction treatment, support for this practice continues to grow.

Today, we are joined by Dr. Alan Goldhamer, a leading advocate of medically supervised water-only fasting. As the founder of TrueNorth Health Center, he has expertly guided thousands of patients through this process. His work has profoundly influenced integrative medicine, promoting natural, non-invasive methods for achieving optimal wellness.

Dr. Goldhamer is the co-author of “The Pleasure Trap,” offering groundbreaking solutions for overcoming self-destructive habits and making positive lifestyle choices. His latest book, “Can Fasting Save Your Life,” co-authored with Toshia Myers, provides a comprehensive exploration of the benefits and science of fasting. He has also been featured in documentaries like “Fasting” and “What the Health.”

Stay with us as we delve into his insights on fasting and discuss the vital role of whole plant foods in disease prevention, exploring key strategies to restore optimal health!

Listen to Episode 289 with Dr. Alan Goldhamer

What we discuss in this episode:

  • How fasting works and helps reverse the effects of dietary excess.
  • What visceral fat is and how it affects your health. Obesity and fasting.
  • Your brain on salt, oil, and sugar. How fasting eases the transition to an SOS-free diet.
  • Fasting and the microbiome.
  • Results patients have experienced from fasting and whole food plant-based eating.
  • The optimal approach to intermittent fasting.
  • How fasting aids in detoxifying the body.
  • Dr. Goldhamer’s dietary habits and fasting regimen.
  • Fasting and addiction.


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