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Build Muscle, Lose Fat on a Vegan Diet with Pro Bodybuilder Natalie Matthews

Dec 28, 2022

Today’s guest is an example of how veganism can have a sweeping impact on your whole life. Born on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, Fit Vegan Chef Natalie Matthews began surfing professionally at the age of sixteen. But when she started experiencing hypoglycemia, extreme fatigue, and severe acne from dairy consumption, Natalie and her husband George were galvanized to learn the transformational health benefits of a plant-based diet. In just one year they were both thriving and free from illness. A professional bodybuilder and graduate of the Living Light Culinary Institute in California, Natalie has published two eBooks titled Puerto Vegan Cookbook and Fit Vegan Kitchen

Super excited to discuss her many accomplishments, how a plant-based diet has transformed her life, and the myriad ways she strives to inspire others to make positive changes in their own lives!

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What we discuss in this episode:

  • Her dietary background and evolution.
  • How a vegan diet improved her health, her surfing, and other remarkable benefits she and her husband experienced.
  • How she transitioned to bodybuilding and thrived on a vegan diet.
  • An explanation of macronutrients and Natalie’s favorite protein sources.
  • Advice on how to change your body composition.
  • Details of her training regimen.
  • Her favorite meal after a show.
  • How she veganized her favorite recipes from her childhood.
  • Her favorite snacks.


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