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Bianca Taylor: On Self-Love, Purpose, and Plant-Powered Strength

Mar 20, 2019

Watch Episode 14 with Bianca Taylor here:

How can a vegan lifestyle help heal your mind, body, and spirit?

Before becoming a personal trainer certified in plant-based nutrition, Bianca Taylor started her fitness journey as a bikini bodybuilder.

Searching for purpose and a sense of control, she instead found herself dealing with depression and a broken relationship with food.

One small realization started an avalanche of change.

Bianca used the power of plants, with some professional guidance, to reignite her passion for food, health, and strength.

Now she helps other women do the same.

She has trained with a range of different athletes and uses her platform to coach plant-fueled fitness.

You don’t want to miss this emotional episode about purpose, compassion, and self-love.

Listen to Episode 14 with Bianca Taylor here:

What we discuss in this episode:

  • The childhood tragedy that left Bianca searching for purpose.
  • Busting the myth that happiness and worth are tied to your appearance.
  • The realization that leads Bianca to a vegan diet and a lifestyle of compassion.
  • Bianca’s physical and spiritual transformation after switching for good.
  • Gaining muscle and building confidence as a vegan.
  • What Bianca tells her clients who are struggling with their relationship with food.
  • Follow Bianca Taylor on Instagram at @biancataylorm or @biancataylorfitness, find her on the Bianca Taylor YouTube channel, tune into her podcast on iTunes, or check out her website at

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