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Being a Plant-Powered Olympian, Nutritionist, and Mom with Kara Lang Romero

Aug 14, 2019

Watch Episode 35 with Kara Lang Romero here:

During the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, Switch4Good aired a commercial featuring dairy-free Olympians to fight the dairy industry’s propaganda that that says milk is the key to performance. 

One of the world-class athletes featured in the commercial was Kara Lang Romero

Kara is the youngest woman to have represented Canada on their National Women’s Team. She competed in two FIFA World Cups, at the Beijing Olympics, and is now a Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame inductee. 

She has also been vegan since her teens.

Today the plant-based foodie is a certified holistic nutritionist specializing in plant-based health and pre- and post-natal care. 

Kara joins Alexandra and Dotsie in this episode to share her journey and the realities of being a plant-powered mom. 

She digs into how motherhood expands your empathy for mothers of other species, how she got through two vegan pregnancies and is raising two plant-based boys, and how she navigates relationships with family members who have jobs in the dairy industry. 

You’ll also hear how she equips her patients with the tools they need to go plant-based and the benefits they see after making the switch. 

Kara is proof that milk is the last thing you need if you want to level up your performance.

Listen to Episode 35 with Kara Lang Romero here:

What we discuss in this episode:

  • How Kara found her ‘why’ and went from being the youngest person to the youngest vegan on the Women’s National Soccer team
  • The bond of breastfeeding, how emotions change the composition of breast milk, the pain of mastitis, and the new level of empathy Kara found for cows after having her first child
  • The odd disconnection people have with drinking milk meant for baby cows
  • How Kara’s coaches responded to her going vegan and the number one thing she noticed in her performance
  • The impact switching for good made on Kara’s inflammatory markers and ability to “flush out the gunk” 
  • The two most common culprits of IgG food sensitivity that Kara sees in her nutrition practice and how one of her patients got rid of a 20-year skin issue under her care
  • Organizations that are helping animal farms switch to sustainable crops and how Kara handles having family in the dairy industry
  • Kara’s favorite meals to cook for her family and how she’s learning to navigate vegan parenting
  • Is it healthy to be vegan while pregnant? Kara shares her experience after having done it twice
  • Follow Kara on Instagram @karaelise, on Twitter at @kara_Lang, and on her website at KLRWellnessWorks.com. Download her recipe ebook at her website under the Work with Kara tab.

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