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Becoming A.W.A.K.E. with Luke Tan

Aug 21, 2019

Watch Episode 36 with Luke Tan here:

If we are what we eat, what kind of person is your food creating?

Luke Tan is an author, educator, and fitness coach on a mission to help people reach their ultimate physical and mental potential by using the A.W.A.K.E. Method to live an authentic, plant-based lifestyle.

The former bodybuilder is the founder of the Plant Fit Summit, a free online event showcasing plant-based trailblazers, including some of your favorite doctors, athletes, and nutritionists who have been featured on Switch4Good. 

He joins Dotsie and Alexandra in this episode to share how he went from eating 1kg of meat every single day to making the switch with his wife overnight. 

You’ll hear how he’s not only maintained his fitness, but also improved his performance and massively increased his energy while eating in a way that aligns with his ethics and identity. 

If you’re curious how the A.W.A.K.E. method can work for you and how you can reserve your spot for the nine-day expert-packed summit, don’t miss this episode.

Listen to Episode 36 with Luke Tan here:

What we discuss in this episode:

  • Luke’s childhood health problems that started his protein journey at an early age
  • The Facebook post that inspired his wife to go vegan, and how The Food Revolution and Earthlings inspired him to join her overnight
  • The awesome results Luke and his wife saw in their fitness and energy after making the switch
  • After trying several vegan diets, Luke explains why he’s stuck to eating plant-based whole foods
  • How this former bodybuilder splits his macros
  • What actually is the “food chain”? Are humans really at the top of it?
  • We really are what we eat: Luke shares how the A.W.A.K.E. Method and veganism can help change people, and why our food affects us at a cellular level
  • How the Plant Fit Summit can act as a reset to shift what’s on your plate so you can thrive and be the best version of yourself
  • Follow Luke on Instagram at @iamluketan and @awakemethod, on Facebook at @awakemethod, and on YouTube at Awake Method. Register for the Plant Fit Summit, starting August 29th, by going to bit.ly/switch4good.

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