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Balance Hormones, Eliminate Toxins with Functional Medicine Doc, Dr. Koz

Jan 11, 2023

Our guest today is functional medicine practitioner Dr. Peter Kozlowski, and for those who aren’t familiar with functional medicine, you’re in for a real treat. Dr. Koz practices getting to the root of disease rather than treating the symptoms, while also addressing mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Doesn’t that make sense?

Dr. Kozlowski has authored two books: Unfunc Your Gut, in which he tackles gut health and the immune system, and his new book Get the Func Out, where he addresses detoxing from heavy metals, toxic chemicals, and mold. Before writing the books, he trained with luminaries such as Dr. Susan Blum, Dr. Mark Hyman, and Dr. Deepak Chopra. But what’s also intriguing is that his path to where he is was not a straight one. Dr. Koz faced some serious adversity along the way, and we’re looking forward to seeing how some of those experiences influenced how he practices medicine today!

Listen to Episode 212 with Dr. Peter Kozlowski

What we discuss in this episode:

  • His personal story and journey to functional medicine
  • His struggles with alcohol
  • Hormonal imbalances, menopause, and toxins
  • The primary toxins he sees and treats
  • An explanation of chelation and heavy metal testing
  • The symptoms of mold toxicity and how Dr. Koz tests for it
  • His thoughts on supplements and emphasis on diet


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