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Animal Protein without the Animal with Every Company Founder Arturo Elizondo

Apr 19, 2023

The exciting story of today’s remarkable guest, entrepreneur Arturo Elizondo, started in the border city of Laredo, Texas. But his innate curiosity and desire to effect positive changes in the world led him to the hallowed halls of Harvard University, to study food security in Geneva, and even to an internship at the White House. But it was really his time spent with the United States Department of Agriculture that truly opened his eyes and changed him forever. And with so many incredible opportunities within his grasp, Arturo took a long hard look at our broken food system. He looked at the environmental devastation it inflicts, the toll it takes on human health, and the cruelty inherent in animal agriculture. That’s when he decided to do something about it.

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What we discuss in this episode:

  • How a philosophy class at Harvard inspired Arturo’s transition to veganism.

  • How curiosity has been integral to his success.

  • The transformational experiences he had while working at the USDA.

  • How The EVERY Company is aiming to change our food system.

  • The origins of meat as a staple in Latin American diets.

  • How he survived in San Francisco while pursuing his dream.

  • The process and benefits of fermentation to create animal-free protein.

  • The tools that helped him become a better leader.


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