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Alexandra is Not in Jail

Mar 29, 2023

On Friday, March 17th, after nearly six hours of deliberation, and facing up to six months in jail if convicted, Alexandra Paul and co-defendant Alicia Santurio were acquitted by a California jury of the alleged crime of taking two sick, slaughter-bound chickens from a Foster Farms truck in Livingston, California. Prosecutors called it stealing, but Alexandra and Alicia called it a rescue.

From accused to acquittal, in this very special episode, we get to hear the story from Alexandra herself, including all the riveting behind-the-scenes details of what led these two courageous activists to set out to expose the cruelty of poultry slaughter and demonstrate why they had the right to rescue these two sentient beings in the first place.

Listen to Episode 223 with Alexandra Paul

What we discuss in this episode:

  • Alexandra’s detailed account of jury selection

  • What the right to rescue is and why it’s so important

  • How and why Alexandra and Alicia were acquitted

  • Why Alexandra and Alicia rescued chickens Ethan and Jax

  • The inhumane acts taking place in chicken slaughterhouses

  • Why the trial took nine days

  • The last-minute trick the prosecutor pulled during closing statements



The entire trial on video here:

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Alexandra’s website and social media links:

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