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30 Traveling Tips with World Vegan Travel founder Brighde Reed

Nov 2, 2022

From the sultry jungles of Vietnam to the golden dunes of Morocco, to the enchanting café terraces of Paris, today’s intrepid guest has seen it all. And after years of personal and professional experience, World Vegan Travel cofounder, Brighde Reed, wants to share her vast knowledge with you. As a passionate vegan activist, chef, and travel enthusiast, Brighde and her partner, Sebastien, have created a travel company that takes vegans (and anyone curious about veganism) on these incredible tours, in specially selected locations around the world, all while having access to delicious vegan food and luxury accommodations. Additionally, they’ve been featured in such illustrious outlets as the New York Times, Forbes online, and Lonely Planet.

So sit back, relax, and take this amazing journey with us as our next guest enlightens us on the exhilaration, wonder, and occasional pitfalls of exploration!

Listen to Episode 202 with Brighde Reed

What we discuss in this episode:

  • What inspired Brighde Reed’s love of travel
  • Her experiences as a tour guide and living abroad
  • Extensive travel tips for vegans, solo travelers, and traveling on a budget
  • Animal rights in other countries
  • Her favorite destinations
  • Critical travel necessities
  • How to travel sustainably
  • How to beat jet lag
  • How to travel safely


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