Dairy Is Not A Health Food

More people than ever are dropping dairy to realize the health benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. Our inspiring, world-class athletes improved their performance by going dairy-free.

We invite you to learn the science behind the benefits of living dairy-free, and to join us. Learn more about how you can make the switch away from dairy - for good!


Our Mission

  • We started this campaign for one reason: to share the truth. As athletes who have performed at the highest level of global sporting events in the world, we want to share what we have learned through our experiences. Ultimately, our learnings come down to the “big 4” benefits of going dairy free — health, performance, sustainability, and ethics.

  • For too long, the dairy industry has funded multi-million dollar marketing campaigns that mislead consumers. We launched the Switch4Good campaign with a commercial of our own during the Closing Ceremonies of the 2018 Winter Games, and we’re just getting started.

Rebecca Soni

Rebecca now advocates for a vegan lifestyle citing its impactful benefits on her mind, body and spirit.

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Dotsie Bausch

As a plant-based athlete, Bausch stood on top of the podium at the Olympic Games just five months shy of her 40th birthday, the oldest athlete ever in her discipline.

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Kendrick Farris

Kendrick contributes his record-setting performance and control of his mood to his vegan lifestyle.

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